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Promoting, Providing, & Supporting Mental Wellness Within The Greek System

Who We Are 

 We find that chapters with a culture of wellness and a focus on both individual and organizational wellness have a much greater likelihood of having a positive fraternal and collegiate experience.  What Good Looks Like, LLC (WGLL), led by Dr. Adam Downs, is a wellness organization with expertise in emerging adult behavior and mental health, specifically for students in Greek communities. We partner with chapters to provide education and support to foster a culture of wellness within the organization.

We are passionate about your chapter members reaching their potential, and believe that there's no better time to help them establish practices of wellness, healthy community, and individual development.   We have seen how this change dramatically improves relations with the community, the university, and the national organization. We have witnessed the positive impact of this change on parents, alumni, and other students on campus.   Let us put our expertise to work to help your chapter become what it was always meant to be.  It’s what we do; It's all we do!

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Our Campuses

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What Our Clients Say  

“Being able to partner with What Good Looks Like was a huge step forward for our chapter.  While serving as president I noticed increased organization within our leadership, a clearer vision for the fraternity, and the chapter coming together to get involved to help the house.  They were able to help Delta Tau Delta with new member wellness as well as the overall mental health of the chapter with the implementation of the wellness commission.  The entire team was always there for anyone in Delt to come to talk to from things as small as a band party to even getting professional advancement help.  I cannot thank Adam, Clark, Matt, Katie, Josh, and the rest of the team enough for the help they gave me while in leadership and for the help they continue to give to the entire chapter.  While being skeptical at first to sign on, it only took one meeting with our Executive team and Adam to be sold on their mission and success they have provided to fraternities nationwide.  I cannot be more thrilled to see what our chapter is able to accomplish in the future with the help of What Good Looks Like.”

Austin Heriford

President, Delta Tau Delta

University of Alabama '22

 “One consideration to the success of WGLL is that they are objective mentors/friends. No matter how helpful we as advisors want to be, we will not be successful unless seen as objective or neutral by our members in any situation regarding our respective houses. This perception will keep members from confiding in us or seeking advice from us like they would someone objective and discreet. This is the primary reason our members don’t ask their parents for advice (fear of disappointment, non objective opinions) or even their own brothers (fear of being made fun of, fear of “not fitting in”, peer validation, etc.). That’s why I think this program has the success that it does. WGLL effectively become the only non stakeholder/ objective people these members end up having relationships with, which allows our members to come to them with issues or for advice without fear of some perceived negative outcome.”

Jimmy Screvans

Phi Delta Theta Housing Corp & Advisor

University of Alabama '22

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