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Promoting, Providing & Supporting Wellness and Excellence Within Student Organizations

At What Good Looks Like, we believe that wellness is the foundation for success. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to helping both individuals and organizations reach their full potential through focused wellness consulting. Let us show you what good looks like

Realizing What Good Looks Like: A Guide to Achieving Optimal Individual and Organizational Wellness 

WGLL is a Mental Wellness Consulting firm that partners with University Student Organizations to empower students to create an epic college experience. An experience in which students thrive academically, socially, and personally all while preparing themselves for success upon graduation. WGLL has a deep knowledge of fraternal organizations and expertise in emerging adult behavior and mental health.  WGLL educates and inspires its clients to grow in academic/social life balance, mental wellness awareness, self-awareness and overall organizational wellness. 

Our tailored program creates operating systems rooted in wellness which helps create a healthy and thriving culture.


Wellness Coach

  • Dedicated Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

  • Committed to help every member of your organization achieve their  wellness goals and reach their full potential 

  • On site multiple days a week 

  • Builds trusting relationships in order to provide support

  • Guides members to appropriate on and off campus resources as needed


  • Partner with Chapter Leadership to identify relevant topics to address their chapter needs

  • Facilitate informative, engaging and practical educational sessions on topics such as substance abuse, overall wellness, achieving academic and social life balance, and mental and behavioral health strategies.

College Transition Support

  • Programming  designed for a smooth and stress-free transition

  • Freshman crews designed to meet in small groups to instill a culture of wellness from day one 

  • Provide opportunities to build individual wellness plans to help freshman navigate the "new norm" of college  and fraternity life 

Chapter Wellness Commission

  • Establish a Wellness Commission in each chapter, which consists of a representative from each pledge class

  • Train and oversee the Wellness Commission and  facilitate a check-in at least bi- weekly

  • Assist all chapter members in identifying and accessing university and community resources to promote early intervention and reduce the risk of mental health issues 


Proud to Support Wellness and Positively Impact Lives at Chapters on These University Campuses!

Tuscaloosa, AL

 University of Alabama


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Phi Delta Theta


Delta Chi

Sigma Chi

Chi Phi

Sigma Pi

 University of Texas - Austin


Austin, TX

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Miami of Ohio University

Oxford, OH

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Oxford, MS

Sigma Chi

Phi Delta Theta

Delta Tau Delta

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Ole Miss

Louisiana State University


Baton Rouge, LA

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, OK

Pi Kappa Alpha

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Auburn, AL

Auburn University 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Arizona State University


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Tempe, AZ


Georgia Tech University

Atlanta, GA

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Texas Christian 


Fort Worth, TX

Phi Delta Theta

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