How We Work

Building Fraternity Partnerships 

Leadership Support

Our team provides support for members in leadership roles and plays a key role in fostering a healthy fraternity chapter and are an important member of the crisis response team. The WGLL Leadership Support team is a resource that is utilized by fraternity leadership, and fraternity advisors to create avenues to make the fraternity stronger, viable, safe, and fun.

Peer Support 

Each chapter has access to a dedicated Certified Peer Support Specialist. They provide life skill development, drug & alcohol education, academic strategies and mental health support. A Peer Support team member maintains a presence at the fraternity in order to build rapport, facilitate workshops and guide students through action plans in order to set and achieve goals.  A successful Peer Support Specialist is a resource that is utilized by students, parents, fraternity leadership, and fraternity advisors.

New Member Programming

Our team implements new member programming that is focused on assisting new members with their transition to college. New members participate in workshops focused on topics like Drug & Alcohol abuse, Time Management, Identifying University Resources and Social vs. Academic balance.  They meet with their dedicated Peer Support Specialist to build the foundation for a successful collegiate experience. 

Academic Success

Our team works alongside leadership to establish academic standards for each chapter increasing focus and energy on accelerating academic success.  We provide support to members not meeting those standards by creating corrective action plans and overseeing the execution of the plan.  We want to ensure members are utilizing available resources both within the fraternity and the university to optimize their potential. 

Customized Onsite Programming 

We recognize that each chapter has varying priorities and needs.  We partner with the alumni and active leadership teams to determine the right onsite programming focus.  Topics can include: drugs & alcohol, mental health education/support, sexual assault, life skills development, academic support etc... 

Crisis Response

Each chapter has access to professionals in order to assist in any matter that may have a negative impact on them personally or on the organization as a whole.  Led by Ph.D Mental Health Professional, master level social workers, and a team of certified Peer Support Specialists. This incredible resource is available to all active members, advisors, and family members.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Dr. Downs takes an approach that empowers young men and women to take the information given and apply critical thinking skills by relating to the subject mater and creating a space that is completely judgement free


Young adults do not respond to information or behavioral suggestions that are spoken at them versus spoken with them. In his workshops, Dr. Downs engages the audience in a way that will create space for their thoughts to be respected and a collaboration is formed to order to better pass along the information that is needed. 


Young adults (age range of 18-28) are experiencing the stage of lifespan development that is arguably the most stressful, chaotic, and uncertain of their lives. However, this is where they have the opportunity to develop their identity and life skills that will propel them forward into a success future. Every workshop, program development, and talk that Dr. Downs does has this vitally important information as a core principle.


Topics of workshop include but not limited to:


  • Alcohol and other drugs: The relationship and role of substance abuse and misuse among the young adult population

  • Legacy: The value of building a foundation of greatness 

  • Sexual Assault

  • Social Media: benefits and dangers and why its so powerful

  • Recovery Solutions – how to maximize your recovery potential using a multitude of reasons

  • Resiliency: Taking the opportunity to find success no matter what

  • Leadership: Leaders create leaders