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Our team is comprised of a Ph.D Mental Health Professional, master level social workers, and a team of certified Peer Support Specialists who have expertise in emerging adult behavior.  We are onsite with Chapters building trusting relationships to ensure individual success and organizational excellence.

Below is a brief description of each of WGLL’s 3 Pillars to Success & Wellness

Leadership Support

Active Leadership

We partner with current leadership to confirm organizational structure, roles / responsibilities, and accountability. We provide coaching and mentorship to assist leadership in achieving a social, academic, and fraternity life balance.

Alumni Relations

We work alongside leadership to foster strong and positive alumni relations through better communication, transparency, and accountability. 

National Relations

We ensure Chapters stay in compliance and meets expectations of National Organization.  We help Leadership build relationships between National and local Chapter and assists in identifying  and applying for National awards and recognition.

Member Development

Individual Member Support

WGLL staff member is onsite multiple days a week, building strong and trusting relationships with members.  Our Peer Support Staff provides 1:1 mentoring and coaching tailored to individual’s need.

Member Education:

We provide on site new member and whole chapter education on current and pressing topics such as: substance abuse, time management, stress management, and mental and behavioral health strategies.

Academic Excellence:

We provide career coaching, resume writing, and networking tips.  Our staff maintain an onsite presence during study halls, emphasizing the importance of commitment to  academic success.

Wellness Commission

Wellness Commission Training

We aid in identifying members to serve on Wellness Commission from each pledge class & leadership. We conduct training on how to identify high risk behaviors and  how to develop appropriate communication channels with WGLL staff, alumni, and University for support.

Wellness Commission Oversight:

We facilitate weekly meetings with WC to check in and discuss any observations or concerns about members.  We work closely with Judicial Board to provide supportive and educational services to sanctions instead of purely punitive responses.

Crisis Response:

We provides 1:1 support to individual members referred from WC. In the event of a crisis, the identified member(s) and their families have 24/7 access to WGLL’s trained mental health professionals.


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