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Meet Our Co-Founders

Adam and Clark are two passionate individuals who have a vision for being of service to young adults during  the life changing journey of college. Both of them were inspired by their own journeys and experiences. Adam’s struggle with mental health and substance abuse led to an unorthodox educational journey, while Clark’s struggles after college led them to develop programs to help others. Together they are committed to providing young adults with the necessary tools and support to help them succeed, based on their own personal and professional experience. Their program of education and support helps these young students truly see What Good Looks Like. 

Dr. Adam Downs

Dr.  Adam Downs, PhD, LMFT is the founder of WGLL and a nationally renowned expert in the fields of mental health and wellness.  He has over 20 years of experience as a clinician and executive in the behavioral health field. Prior to founding WGLL, he was the Chief Clinical Officer for Bradford Health Services and an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine – Tuscaloosa Campus in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine. He also held the position of Director of Substance Abuse Services in Student Health Administration at Alabama. Dr. Downs has extensive experience and knowledge of the field of mental health and wellness of emerging adults.

Clark Converse

Clark is an experienced behavioral health entrepreneur with a passion for helping others reach their potential. He is the Founder of Turning Point Recovery in Southaven, TN, Co-Founder of BoCo Health in Memphis, TN and Co-Founder of WGLL. He is an expert in the wellness consulting field and has dedicated his career to helping others create healthier lifestyles. Clark is committed to providing quality services to his clients and helping them reach their individual and organizational wellness goals. He is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and strives to create a positive collegiate experience for his clients.

Meet the Team

Wellness Coach Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Trust.

What Good Looks Like is excited to introduce our team of Wellness Coaches - all of whom are Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Each of our campuses has its own dedicated Wellness Coach who is equipped to provide personalized support, guidance and resources to optimize both individual and organizational wellness.

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